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The wellbeing and health of our guests and our employees are our highest priority. We’re taking all necessary precautions to take care of you by implementing the following:

Body Temperature Checks

  • ​All staff members & suppliers will have their body temperature measured every day upon entering the hotel premises.​
  • ​All hotel guests are also required to have their body temperature measured upon entering the hotel premises.

Special Hygiene Practices 
  • All staff members with customer contact are mandated to wear a surgical mask during their work duty​.
  • All guests are encouraged to cleanse their hands with the hand sanitizer available at the hotel main entrance.
  • All guests are required to complete a health declaration form including recent history of travelling during the last 14 days prior to arrival at hotel.
  • All guests with suspicious symptoms will be asked to go to the nearest hospital for medical check prior to checking in the hotel, otherwise hotel stay will be denied.
  • All guests are requested to put on a surgical mask in the public area of the hotel including our shuttle bus.
  • Main entrance carpet in the hotel lobby are disinfected and cleaned every hour.
  • All lift buttons are cleaned and sterilized every hour.​