Product Eco-responsibility (Amendment) Bill 2023

According to Hong Kong Government’s new law, effective from 22nd  April 2024, hotels are not allowed to provide disposable toiletries and in-room plastic bottled water to guests for free, but can be provided upon request at a charge. Click here for more details.

Health & Safety Measures

The wellbeing and health of our guests and our employees are our highest priority. Please click here for our Health & Safety Measures

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Caring Company 2007 - 2020
To build a cohesive society by promoting strategic partnerships among business and social service partners, and inspiring corporate social responsibility through caring caring for the community, employees and the environment.
Energy Saving Charter 2020
To encourage community-wide participation in saving energy , we support the Government's Energy Saving Charter 2020.
We pledge to (a) maintain an average indoor temperature between 24-26°C during the summer months of June to September in 2020; (b) switch off electrical appliances and systems when not in use and procure energy efficient electrical appliances (such as those with Grade 1 energy labels) & systems from June 2020 to May 2021; and (c) to engage staffs/ students/ tenants to adopt the above energy saving practices together.
Peach Blossom Trees Recycling Programme 2020
We participated in Peach Blossom Trees Recycling Programme 2020 of The Environmental Protection Department (EPD). Peach blossom trees (PBTs) were collected after Lunar New Year holiday and recycle suitable PBTs collected into useful materials via a contractor.
4T Charter
To encourage community-wide participation in saving energy, we support the Government's 4T Charter.
We pledge to (a) set energy saving target with a timeline; (b) ensure transparency on energy saving results and building energy data; and (c) encourage inhabitants (Including staff, students, occupants, tenants) to work together on the above energy saving target.
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